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This is another tiny baby quilt I made several years ago for Sam’s other best friend that had a baby. They’ve been friends since seventh grade and this was their first munchkin. They were waiting to find out the gender so I decided to incorporate the crazy black-and-white patterns newborns find so mesmerizing. :) And I included a little cardinal – who’s got a little present under her wing flap for her new baby owner – which ended up being a girl!














Two years ago I made this quilt for our church’s annual quilt sale. All the quilts are donated and the proceeds go towards missions. I love that they do this and that I was able to participate! I used mostly suiting fabrics, and florescent pink thread. :) I really liked how it turned out – it was so heavy from the weighty fabrics, and oh so cozy!










I created this little quilt for my husband’s best friend’s new baby boy. Sam and Mason have been on many camping trips together and I wanted to make a quilt that showed their fondness of the mountains. This quilt was the first one I made with a little surprise 3D flap used for the tent – and when opened there are 10 tiny toes willin’ for some chillin’. :) I know Mason and his son will have many camping memories in the future, but until then he can dream of spending time with his dad snuggled up with his quilt. :)










I have decided to post some of the other quilts I’ve made in the past. I created this one for my youngest after his birth, and it’s the first quilt I ever made. It’s a small snuggly baby size because he was a newborn – and because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing! :) But I love how it turned out and hope he saves it for always and remembers how much I love him.








I mentioned several posts ago that we bought stainless steel tables for our craft table – a.k.a. dining table – because I was done with the previous plastic-covered, hidden table. It has been the best decision ever! Sharpie and paint wipe up like a breeze! Here’s what our table most often looks like after the kids and I have been at it.




And here are a few of the masterpieces that have been created recently…




R2D2 and Star Wars spaceship…




the beginnings of C3PO…




Truffala trees from The Lorax…




clay day…




and for the finale – Angry Birds! Do you see this silly 3-year-old’s detailed pigs in their fortress? :) ha!


This is my most favorite place in the house. And I love sharing it with my 5 favorite people.






ACTS 2:24

Get out your snip-snaps! I hope your scissor skills are terrific now because you’ll need them for the Easter verse I just designed.

Acts 2:24 “But God raised Him up again, putting an end to the agony of death, since it was impossible for Him to be held by its power.”

And this year I hid each word in Easter eggs for the kids to find. They loved it and it made it easier to keep track of the words! Somehow we seem to loose one every time. :) I really like this verse for Easter, and last year’s is super too – Matt 28:5-6. Love!










It’s that time of year again! Today is Swedish Waffle Day!!

We tried a new Swedish Waffle recipe that I found online, but it didn’t turn out. From what I gathered, Scandinavians use a different – and way cute! – heart waffle iron that I hope to own one day. The recipe was just too watery for my plain, deeper American waffle iron. So I jumped back online and found this recipe, tweaked what I previously made to salvage my batter, and Swedish Waffle Day was saved! But let’s be real, it’s hard to go wrong with a waffle when it’s drenched in maple syrup. :)

We also had mango ginger smoothies, and Han says Hi.





1 bag frozen mango

3/4″ fresh ginger cut into small pieces

Fill blender half way with almond milk

Fill the rest with orange juice

Flip the switch!


P.S. And here’s last year’s waffle recipe. ENJOY!!





Last Easter the kids and I made these little eggshell holders with sprouted seeds for gifts.




They really enjoyed planting in the tiny eggshells and watching the seeds sprout. I liked that they were practical, biodegradable and super-duper cute. :)





Just rad.





You know that great warm feeling you get when you find something nostalgic – or at least kind of close?




Well, finding this online Lite-Brite did it for me.  Oh how I loved my big, wonderful Lite-Brite as a kid! :) Enjoy!!




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