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I’ve created a FREE printable weekly planner just for you! I’ve been trying it out and hope it helps you stay as organized as it has me. I’m not naturally the most organized person, and am completely dependent on my list. They’re usually on a kid’s scrap scribbled-marker-art-reject paper. (I’ve printed this planner on those too and it’s sweet seeing their doodles – and yay for green!) But having my planner/grocery/errands list more structured with this design has been very nice.

The planner is 2-sided, so print one page, flip, feed back through and print the second page.



I carry mine everywhere – usually in my pocket, and it looks like a wrinkled wad by the end of the week… :) But having four kids (and one with lots of food allergies) means I shop at a zillion stores, and this planner saves me! I hope it does for you too – and I’d love to hear how you like it!

P.S. I’m working on a recipe organizer too, so check back soon!




{design © claire sneau : for personal use only}




My BFF, Candy, has two girls that are BFFs with my girls. Her youngest had a Little Miss Sunshine party and my girls wanted to sew something special for her! And any time there’s a sewing interest, I’m on board! So we bought some bright yellow fabric and their noodles took over. The girls drew their designs on paper and cut them out. We pinned to the fabric, cut, and then sewed their creations on my machine…


Collee Sewing


It took a while to get their tiny projects turned right side out – sheesh!



We had some comic relief when things got frustrating…



Then they stuffed them! That’s always an exciting part. I sewed them shut, and they drew on them with fabric markers.



Little Miss Sunshine!



And a sun! :)



I thought they did a great job! And I’m proud of them for sticking with it. It would be fun to make more of these little guys – like a cloud or bird… It’s a fun way to learn to sew and have a new toy. Yay for sewing!!




Have you seen these?? My BFF, Katy, just gave me one for my birthday! She knows me well. (This is my other watch!) Of course I love the bright pink and the silicone band. But then she told me to check out their site… and it’s awesome! Hello Somebody. “Buy a watch to help provide clean water to a community in Guatemala.” I think I will!


Hello Somebody


P.S. Speaking of helping others – see those blurred TOMS? They’re my favorite and they’re looking for a buddy… the new spring styles are coming out soon!!!




As a thank you for reading this, I’ve attached a free “thank you” postcard! Since I’m half Swedish, there’s a little Swedish vocab for you too :) And who doesn’t want to learn a little Swedish?!

I’ve printed mine on a bright white, smooth, uncoated 80# cover weight (cardstock) paper. Just print page 1 of the PDF, flip over and re-feed, printing page 2. I’ve also included a few pics showing how to trim them. (Hint: Cut from crop mark to crop mark – not all the way to the edge of the paper, so you don’t cut off your marks when you rotate the paper.) You just need a self healing mat, xacto, ruler and corner punch.


Thank You 1

Thank You Tools

Thank You Cut

Postcard Full Size


Enjoy! And I’d love to hear how it works out for you!



{design © claire sneau : for personal use only}




Last summer I became an aunt (again) to cutie baby Axel! I’ve been teaching myself to quilt, but hadn’t made a bed sized quilt yet. So when munchkin was hiding out in his mom, I got to work because my nephew needed an heirloom on day one. I came up with a design that complimented my sister’s awesome decorating of Axel’s nursery – crazy chevrons and my favorite blues! A is for Axel…

Axel's Quilt Front

Axel's Quilt Front Detail

Axel's Quilt Back

Axel's Quilt Back Detail

I hope he enjoys snuggling in it forever. xoxo



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