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This is another tiny baby quilt I made several years ago for Sam’s other best friend that had a baby. They’ve been friends since seventh grade and this was their first munchkin. They were waiting to find out the gender so I decided to incorporate the crazy black-and-white patterns newborns find so┬ámesmerizing. :) And I included a little cardinal – who’s got a little present under her wing flap for her new baby owner – which ended up being a girl!














Two years ago I made this quilt for our church’s annual quilt sale. All the quilts are donated and the proceeds go towards missions. I love that they do this and that I was able to participate! I used mostly suiting fabrics, and florescent pink thread. :) I really liked how it turned out – it was so heavy from the weighty fabrics, and oh so cozy!










I created this little quilt for my husband’s best friend’s new baby boy. Sam and Mason have been on many camping trips together and I wanted to make a quilt that showed their fondness of the mountains. This quilt was the first one I made with a little surprise 3D flap used for the tent – and when opened there are 10 tiny toes willin’ for some chillin’. :) I know Mason and his son will have many camping memories in the future, but until then he can dream of spending time with his dad snuggled up with his quilt. :)










I have decided to post some of the other quilts I’ve made in the past. I created this one for my youngest after his birth, and it’s the first quilt I ever made. It’s a small snuggly baby size because he was a newborn – and because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing! :) But I love how it turned out and hope he saves it for always and remembers how much I love him.








I mentioned several posts ago that we bought stainless steel tables for our craft table – a.k.a. dining table – because I was done with the previous plastic-covered, hidden table. It has been the best decision ever! Sharpie and paint wipe up like a breeze! Here’s what our table most often looks like after the kids and I have been at it.




And here are a few of the masterpieces that have been created recently…




R2D2 and Star Wars spaceship…




the beginnings of C3PO…




Truffala trees from The Lorax…




clay day…




and for the finale – Angry Birds! Do you see this silly 3-year-old’s detailed pigs in their fortress? :) ha!


This is my most favorite place in the house. And I love sharing it with my 5 favorite people.






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