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We love to celebrate advent. And part of that includes the shorts opening a treat each day until Christmas. I used to go the store bought open-a-window-and-get-a-chocolate route, but little guy can’t eat chocolate so that got scrapped, which is good because it made me think about making the daily content more than candy.



Last year I made cards with verses from creation to Christ’s birth and put them in little envelopes for each day. I made four sets, one for each short. The envelopes were too small for a treat so I handed them out – kinda bummed about that part, but joy to the world, life goes on. This year Spark and I made bags for the four of them and we’re hanging them on the back of their kitchen stools! So I’ll fill them each day with a treat and daily card with envelope I made last year. Spark is very excited about that part, so helping was fun. :)


And if you’re interested in making a super simple asymmetrical drawstring bag the steps are below:



1. Cut two 8″ squares of fabric.

2. With fronts facing, sew one side and bottom of the bag.

3. Double fold the top of one piece of fabric (approx. 1/4″ wide and a 3″ long) to make a hem for the ribbon; finger press; sew close to the first folded edge, running your stitches towards the raw edge of the fabric (you can also see this in Step 7). Repeat on the opposite facing fabric.

4. Press the start of a hem along the top of the entire bag (approx. 1/4″)…

5. Fold and press the rest of the hem (approx. 3/4″) making sure you’ve left enough room for your ribbon. (My ribbon was 1/4″.)

6. Sew the bag’s top hem close to the first fold.

7. With fronts facing, sew the remaining side of the bag closed from the bottom of the ribbon hole hem to the bottom of the bag, making sure to sew inside the Step 3 hem and straight down the side.

8. Put a safety pin through one end of a 24″ ribbon.

9. Feed through the top hem of the bag. Tie a knot where the ribbons meet and trim.

10. Fill with goodies!



Merry Christmas! :D






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