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The turkey’s been gobbled! Hope you’re stuffed from Thanksgiving, too.

We made a Thanksgiving wall this year. I cut leaves from varying shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, and we all wrote what we’re thankful for on each one. One of our favorites was Spark’s: I’m thankful for candy. And I wish for a candy sandwich. :D It was super easy to make and I like how they’re swirled up the wall for fall. We’re saving them and adding to it next year.



Sweet girl and I ran our local Turkey Trot this year too. I love that she loves to run! It was her first race, and we had such a great time running it together. It’s one of those moments with the shorts I’ve been looking forward to. So thankful!



And have you read One Thousand Gifts? My BFF gave it to me and it’s an excellent book about imitating Christ’s thankfulness. It’s an any-time-of-year book, but I kept thinking of it through Thanksgiving.



And on one of my paper leaves I wrote that I’m thankful for this Little Indian, the silly turkey. ;)








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