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We’ve enjoyed coordinating costumes for Halloween as a family for years. We also dress up in themes that the shorts are loving at the moment, and this year the youngest is all about Disney’s Prep and Landing. Have you seen this cleverness? It’s the only show he requests and watches it all year long, so it was the obvious choice for Halloween – and what’s more fun that Christmas in October?! (Did you guess it from my previous post? My little coal elf was a big helper making his costume.) When we trick-or-treated the shorts yelled MERRY CHRISTMAS! to each surprised neighbor. ha!

We also did: pumpkin carving, church carnival funnel cake, hay ride (with some crazy guy pretending to eat the goat feed – best dad ever!), Spookly pumpkin for school, and put up our annual bat decorations we made. We love those bats and are sad when we have to take them down. They scared the UPS guy which made them even more enduring. :) And at the end of the evening, I was turning off the lights and found Collee’s sign on our matt  – Happy Halloween! Sorry no candy. Closed.” Love.



And here’s a glimpse of the elf magic :) Jingle BAM!





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