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It has been a fantastic school year for all the shorts. How is it almost over already?! We’re so thankful for their amazing teachers. I volunteered to organize my youngest’s Teacher Appreciation gifts from his class, and we surprised them yesterday with all their goodies!



I came up with a “You’re sweet” theme because boy, it’s the truth! :) Money was collected from the parents for gift cards that I wrapped in cellophane like candy. Each parent filled out recipe cards of their favorite sweet, yummy dessert that were given in the handmade envelope that says, “Mrs. Brown is the sweetest!”. And each parent helped fill in a card for their munchkin that said, “I think Mrs. Mason is the sweetest because…”. I took a class pic for the cover and bound all the cards with a post screw. (You can too – click here for recipe, candy and kid cards.) One set is shown here, but both teachers received their own. They also got the morning off to get a start on their gift card spending and grab lunch while another mom and I watched the class – and they deserved every penny of that gift money after our whirlwind of kid corralling ;) They’re so amazing!!!


And we all know who else is just as terrific – your mama!

Since I was making these gift cards, I made some for the moms we’re honoring Sunday, too – and here’s how it was done:



You’ll need decorative paper, roll of cellophane, 2 clear hair rubberbands, and your gift card. Optional supplies that make life easier: x-acto, ruler, and cutting mat.

I trimmed my decorative paper to 8 1/2 x 11 and ran through my printer with the “Happy Mother’s day! You’re the sweetest! xoxo” message. You can too – click here. Then I trimmed and folded it to look like this:



I sealed with a little double stick tape. Then I cut a piece of 10″ x 8″ cellophane and wrapped around the card (be sure your seam is on the back). I twisted each end and rubber-banded to close. And presto, you’ve got a cute gift card!



Yay for all the teachers and moms! :D

P.S. The link for teacher gifts at the top of this post has a page with the candy gift card wrapping template using the all-occasion phrase, “You’re the sweetest! xoxo”.


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