she and whim


We love shaving cream here. You probably have playtime with it too. A few months ago we changed it up and added food coloring!



We experimented with different color combinations and made an overall mess :)



Their hands were dark blue when we finished! I wasn’t sure it would wash off (maybe wear off after a week?), but after a LONG playtime bath they didn’t look like smurfs anymore. :) It also reaffirmed the choice of stainless steel tables – no stains and squeaky clean from the shaving cream!


Then the other day we gathered snow loving animals (and dinosaurs because they’re extinct and anything goes), and the boys had fun pretending their plastic friends were in a winter wonderland.



And shortly after the icebergs were squirted from the can, big bro made “real snow” :)



We also looked up pictures of snowflakes and talked about how each one is uniquely made – and who else is an original? These guys sure are! And yep, you too! :)





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