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It’s that time of year again! Today is Swedish Waffle Day!!

We tried a new Swedish Waffle recipe that I found online, but it didn’t turn out. From what I gathered, Scandinavians use a different – and way cute! – heart waffle iron that I hope to own one day. The recipe was just too watery for my plain, deeper American waffle iron. So I jumped back online and found this recipe, tweaked what I previously made to salvage my batter, and Swedish Waffle Day was saved! But let’s be real, it’s hard to go wrong with a waffle when it’s drenched in maple syrup. :)

We also had mango ginger smoothies, and Han says Hi.





1 bag frozen mango

3/4″ fresh ginger cut into small pieces

Fill blender half way with almond milk

Fill the rest with orange juice

Flip the switch!


P.S. And here’s last year’s waffle recipe. ENJOY!!




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